Cogistics Transportation LLC

About Us

About Us

COGISTICS TRANSPORTATION offers you the most strategic options necessary for reducing your expedited/premium transportation spend, without compromising service. Our staff and decision support software will determine the proper mode and/or multi-mode selection to meet your needs. Our professionals have handled hundreds of thousands of expedited shipments since 1994.

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Expedited High Visibility Shipments

COGISTICS TRANSPORTATION results in successful expedites, higher visibility, increased service, and reduced costs. All of this, plus you will receive back your most important commodity - TIME.

  • Non-Asset Based
  • Domestic and International
  • 24/7 Event Management
    • Freight In-Transit Recovery
    • Air Charger - Full range of cargo aircraft
    • Special Equipment - Full range
    • Unique Service Requirements
  • Blended Modes
  • Full internet visibility with wireless text-based shipment updates
  • HAZMAT Certified

COGISTICS TRANSPORTATION has been satisfying domestic and international customers for over 15 years.

We Can Help You Reduce Your Expedited Cost!

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