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Cogistics Transportation

Our Difference

We make it personal!

We do not offer a “cookie cutter” solution. Upholding industry standards should never eliminate out of the box thinking. Delivering a time critical shipment while maintaining economic value is a balance and takes creativity. Every variable is analyzed and considered while communication is maintained throughout. Attention to detail and treating every customer like family is how we operate at COGISTICS Transportation.

With more than a quarter century under our belt, we take pride in doing the unexpected for our customers at every turn. Our staff comes to work everyday to give customers peace of mind, reduce their shipping and freight expenses, and provide the highest level of service and reliability in the industry.

Based in Lakeland, FL, COGISTICS is proud to serve our community through volunteerism and donations to programs such as:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Boys & Girls Club of Lakeland
  • Marine’s Toys for Tots
  • St. Jude’s Children’s Hosptial
  • Talbot House
  • Tampa Lowry Park Zoo
  • Wounded Warriors

What They’re Saying


Trust. That is what first comes to mind when I think of COGISTICS Transportation. There have been numerous times when I was up against the clock with a critical shipment that was required to keep our line up and running. One call and I know the shipment will be handled door to door effectively and efficiently with constant communication to all parties involved. That reliability is why I continue to make that call!

Communication is very important to every organization. When it comes to an emergency shipment, communication becomes even more critical. COGISTICS Transportation never lets us down and keeps us informed every step of the way. Outside of the outstanding service they provide, the key differentiator is great and consistent communication.

I like creativity. This is especially true when I have a premium shipment originating in Europe and is needed in our sites in the US and Mexico. COGISTICS Transportation examines a variety of options before coming back to me and I appreciate the attention to detail they provide. Shipping internationally can be complicated and that increases exponentially when a critical shipment is needed and customs is involved. COGISTICS has broken shipments apart and used multiple modes of transport to get the crucial quantity of parts to the plant quickly. The remaining parts show up soon afterwards. This type of creativity results in effective and efficient transportation and keeps me coming back.

Our inbound transportation is managed by COGISTICS Transportation and they have continued to engineer and execute programs that have, not only saved our company money, but have improved the efficiency of our transportation network. Staying on top of our business and keeping our company objectives in mind have cemented our relationship and proved COGISTICS to be a true and valued partner.