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COGISTICS Transportation’s 24/7 Support: Meeting Your Trucking Needs in a Challenging Time

24/7 Support

There’s no doubt about it – it’s a very complicated time to be a B2B shipper. For one thing, the carrier landscape keeps changing, with capacity constricted, then at excess, then constricted again.

2023 was an extremely challenging time in the logistics industry, with trucking volume falling off dramatically after a boom. According to data from CarrierOK, an incredible 88,000 trucking companies and 8,000 freight brokerages went out of business. Some of the bigger outfits were longstanding carrier Yellow Corp and digital brokerages Convoy (just relaunched under new owner Flexport), Surge Transportation, and Transplus.

Meanwhile, customer demand for on-time performance hasn’t slacked off, driven by the Amazon Prime effect: two-day delivery or less is expected. While that’s more a factor in the B2C world, your business customers are also consumers accustomed to personal orders showing up fast. Add in what may be—or may not be—a truck driver shortage, with warehouse labor an evergreen challenge, and it’s increasingly difficult to consistently hit all your SLAs.

In this environment, shippers look to logistics service providers to manage various aspects of fulfillment, transportation, and delivery — and to provide much-needed stability and dependability. One critical aspect of the LSP/shipper relationship is the ability to provide 24/7 support to meet evolving transportation needs.

COGISTICS Transportation: Comprehensive Trucking Services 

COGISTICS Transportation, a leading provider of logistics services, takes a collaborative approach to transportation management. This includes creating customized workflows to quickly and efficiently move freight via land, sea, and air.

Engineered solutions, freight consolidation, and transportation management are handled with professionalism based on 30+ years of experience in logistics. COGISTICS Transportation offers a range of trucking modes across North America, from LTL, TL, and expedited freight (cargo van, sprinters, straight truck, tractor trailer) to specialty rigs (flatbed, step deck, conestoga).

Crossing Borders: Advanced Support for North American Shipments

With access to a comprehensive, experienced carrier network servicing the U.S., Mexico, and Canada, COGISTICS Transportation manages both outbound and inbound shipments across North America. This includes advance notification assistance to customs brokers, ensuring each border crossing and customs clearance is handled seamlessly.

COGISTICS Transportation’s technology platform and professional team streamline and optimize all aspects of cross-border logistics into Mexico and Canada.

Collaborative Communication: Enhancing Efficiency and Transparency

COGISTICS Transportation’s experienced team provides an integrated communications solution that keeps you informed throughout the shipping process.

Shippers get tracking and status updates through a combination of high-tech and high-touch, including quickly picking up the phone to triage and address delays and chokepoints. You receive critical, timely information to inform decision-making, should issues arise that require altering plans. This kind of transparency is a vital aspect of complex logistics operations that typically involve multiple stakeholders.

A Best-in-Class TMS Optimizes Routing, Load Planning, and Much More

COGISTICS Transportation’s state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS) provides route optimization and load management. It can be easily integrated via API connection with your ERP, OMS, or WMS to share data for reporting and planning purposes.

The TMS also provides advanced carrier selection, route optimization, freight auditing, performance tracking, and load planning, increasing efficiency and cost savings across your transportation plan.

Data-Driven Logistics: The Backbone of Modern Trucking

COGISTICS Transportation leverages advanced analytics to enhance service delivery, visibility, and compliance. Shippers get a dashboard view of the status and location of each shipment. Access to customer-selected KPIs and performance insights helps drive better decision-making and operational improvements.

Time-Critical Transportation: Meeting Urgent Shipping Demands

COGISTICS Transportation integrates a robust network, advanced technology, and 24/7 on-demand expertise for expedited shipping. We have the technology, skills, and connections to provide visibility, communicate with all parties, and ensure everything is in place for a seamless expedited shipment.

Staff is available around the clock to handle your urgent transportation needs globally. A customized approach addresses each shipment’s unique circumstances.

Scaling with Flexibility: Adapting to Diverse Client Needs

Scalability is crucial in transportation management to adapt to seasonal peaks, trends, and market conditions. COGISTICS Transportation can flex services as needed, minimizing costs and maximizing performance and customer satisfaction. We can quickly implement tailored solutions based on your particular needs.

With a Cloudy Trucking Outlook, A Rock-Steady LSP Provides An Element of Stability

So many variables are in flux in the logistics industry, it’s hard to keep on top of it all. Service levels, carrier pricing, and trucking capacity are all moving targets in 2023, so an expert hand is needed to help shippers sort through their options and develop a winning strategy.

COGISTICS Transportation removes stress and simplifies transportation planning. With user-friendly technology, personalized, engaged service, and decades of industry experience, we give our partners a competitive advantage and deliver peace of mind. Whether you’re shipping domestically, within North America, or worldwide via ocean or air freight, COGISTICS Transportation is your go-to resource. Reach out today to learn more.



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